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OurHands designs and makes mindful crafting kits. It was founded in June 2022 by Justine and Scott who started with three fundamental principles: mindfulness, sustainability, and artisanship.

We believe that using your hands intentionally to craft and create will help your mind relax. These days our hands are more used to a keyboard than a paintbrush. While technology has a myriad of benefits, there is a childlike sense of wonder that comes with getting covered in paint or clay. Whether through sewing, drawing or blending ingredients, we try to put forward the mindful qualities of creativity.

Learning to make things by yourself is also a fantastic and fun step towards environmental sustainability. Most of our kits aim to give people reusable tools and techniques that they can apply to make and repair things instead of buying or replacing them. We also try to do our part for the planet by designing our packaging sustainably wherever possible and by carefully choosing our suppliers.

The third and final idea is that learning simple crafting techniques will give people the confidence they need to start their own hobbies and projects. Once we become adults, it is easy to get swept away by high expectations about what our creative practice is or should be. With our ready-to-use kits and easy-to-follow instructions, we hope to show everyone that they have what it takes to be innovative. 

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    I am a born and bred Londoner and am obsessed with all things crafty. My background is in product development and my designs have been featured in Vogue, BBC Good Food and Marie Claire.

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    Born and raised in France, I moved to London in 2020 to be closer to my true loves: art and music. If you read something on this website or in our products, I probably wrote it!

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    Havanese extraordinaire and everything enthusiast, I am in charge of office morale as well as head of the party-planning committee.

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