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The Workshop

In our Perfume Blending workshop, participants will create their own bespoke perfume using various fragrance oils. We'll guide them through the basics of perfume making and help them craft a unique scent tailored to their favourite perfumes and fragrances.

We offer five different fragrance oils that can be blended to create a wide range of unique perfumes. We can also create a bespoke blend to suit your specific project.

Participants will receive five fragrance oils, premium perfumer’s alcohol, and a 10ml reusable glass atomiser. They'll blend the fragrances to create their own perfume and leave with a 10ml bottle of their creation, along with an information card to recreate the scent in the future.

Workshop Plan

We’ll arrive early to set up and walk you through the workshop details. As participants arrive, we’ll introduce them to the basics of perfume making, explaining the different fragrance notes and how to blend them for the best results.

  • Introduction: We’ll explain the basics of perfume making and introduce the different fragrance oils.
  • Exploration: Participants will familiarise themselves with the fragrances, taking notes on their preferences and how each scent makes them feel.
  • Blending: We'll guide participants on how to blend the fragrance oils to create their own perfume, helping them refine their creations.
  • Support: Our team will be available throughout the workshop to assist anyone who needs help.
  • Wrap-Up: Participants will leave with their bespoke perfume, and we'll stay behind to tidy up and debrief with you.

Who Is the Workshop For?

This workshop is perfect for beginners interested in perfume making or anyone looking for a unique activity. Bespoke perfumes make great gifts, making this workshop ideal for holidays like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or Mother’s Day. Participants can create a perfume for themselves or for someone special. No prior knowledge is required, and participants don’t need to bring anything.

Provided Tools and Materials

We provide the following:

  • 10ml glass atomiser bottle per person
  • Perfumer’s alcohol
  • Five fragrance blends (additional bespoke blends available upon request)
  • Scent strips for testing fragrances
  • Printed instructions and information cards
  • Label stickers for naming perfumes
  • Step-by-step guidance and support from our team


We need a space with enough tables and chairs for everyone. Since we’ll be working with perfumes, a well-ventilated area is preferable.

Corporate Events

We also offer personalised fragrance creation experiences, where we make bespoke perfumes for attendees. Guests can share their preferred fragrance notes and the desired feel of their perfume. Based on their preferences, we'll craft a bespoke perfume just for them. This service is ideal for corporate events where participants may not have sufficient time to take part in a full workshop, but still provides attendees with a special and memorable experience.

We look forward to helping you and your guests explore your creativity and craft your own unique scents!

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We can’t wait to create something special with you!

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