From OurHands to yours: unveiling our new DIY crafting kits!

From OurHands to yours: unveiling our new DIY crafting kits!

After seemingly endless research, experiments, and mystery, we’re incredibly excited to unveil the latest additions to the OurHands catalogue! 

The 10 new kits we’ve been working on are now officially out in the world, and we just cannot wait to see what you do with them. For us, crafting has always been about self-expression. It has always meant working with your hands towards something you can be proud of. Our new collections will let you make many different things, from delicious liqueurs to low-waste candles, home fragrances, natural wines, and many more! All kits come with detailed instructions, and most of the ingredients and equipment you’ll need.

Without further ado, let’s delve deeper into each of our new kits. We hope you’ll find some that will inspire you to get creative!

Home Fragrance Kits

Pictures of our three home fragrance kits: incense cones, incense paper and scented candles.

Incense Cones Making Kit

If you love making your house smell nice and have always wondered what goes into your favourite incense, this is the kit for you! Using natural ingredients such as powdered woods, herbs, and resins, choose from 8 different recipes to create the perfect scent for your home. You can also make up your own recipes! The kit makes up to 120 incense cones, so you’ll be an incense expert by the time you’re done.

Incense is a great tool for meditation and mindfulness and have been used as part of religious and traditional rituals for centuries. Making your own incense cones from scratch is easy and rewarding, and will make your house even more cosier that it already is!

Incense Paper Making Kit

Would you rather get a more subtle scent for your home? Our Incense Paper Kit lets you infuse beautiful laser-cut paper leaves with three different scented oils: traditional Benzoin resin, woody Oud, and elegant Earl Grey. The infused leaves can be burnt like regular incense, or can be used as a pot-pourri in drawers and cupboards. The delicately-scented leaves will burn in interesting, hypnotic ways and perfume your home at the same time.

Incense paper is very popular in both France and Japan for its elegant and subtle smell, as well as its ease of use.

Waste-Less Candle Making Kit

Gone are the days of wondering how to get rid of cooking oil. Our Waste-Less Candle Making Kit will let you make five lovely vanilla-scented candles from a base of used cooking oil. With our special blend of three waxes and bottle of Madagascan Vanilla scented oil, your house will be mess-free and deliciously fragrant. Though we will always encourage you to reuse empty containers for your candles, the kit comes with two aluminium tins to get you started on your candle-making journey!

Candle-making is a fantastic hobby for mindfulness. It is simple to get started, but there is plenty to learn, and each candle will be a reflection of your own self-expression. Personalised candles also make fantastic presents!

Hot Drinks Kits

Images of our two hot drinks kits: coffee roasting and tea blending. In the middle is a steaming mug of hot beverage.

Coffee Roasting Kit

Most of us can’t get out of bed without the promise of a nice cup of coffee, yet know very little of how coffee is actually prepared. With our Coffee Roasting Kit, you can learn how to make the perfect cup of coffee by varying types of beans, temperature and roasting times. The kit comes with six different types of green coffee beans, each with different tasting notes and origins. The kit will teach you all about the different levels of roasting and how to achieve them to get the freshest, most delicious cup of coffee possible.

Blah blah roasting your own coffee is great. Good way to understand what you’re drinking day to day, plus will know what to as for next time you’re at the coffee shop.

Tea Blending Kit

Is there anything more comforting than a nice cup of tea on a cold autumn day? Our Tea Blending Kit will let you create your own bespoke brew from a selection of high-quality teas and botanicals.  With nine different recipes and endless combinations possibilities, you’ll be sure to find your perfect match to suit your mood and the time of day.

Tea is one of the most popular drinks on the planet, but being able to blend your own brew is quite rare! Learn about which ingredients go well together, as well as the history behind your favourite type of tea with our Tea Blending Kit.

Cocktail Kits

Amaro Making Kit

Amaro (“bitter”) is an Italian liqueur, typically infused at home with botanicals and herbs and enjoyed as a digestive after a nice meal. Our Amaro Making Kit will let you become part of this Italian tradition as you infuse your own delicious amaro from one of three recipes: bittersweet and traditional, floral and citrusy, or coffee with notes of chocolate. As you learn more about amaro and the way it’s made, you’ll be able to come up with your own bespoke recipes!

Though amaro is usually drunk neat as a digestive, it can also be used to elevate your favourite cocktails such as the Negroni or a Spritz.

Vermouth Making Kit

If you enjoy your cocktails, you’ll know how important it is to always have a bottle of vermouth at the ready. Finding its roots in both Italy and France, vermouth is a delicious aromatised wine that has been infused with botanicals and fortified with liqueur. It is an integral part of many well-known cocktails such as the Martini or the Manhattan. Our Vermouth Making Kit will let you learn about and infuse different types of vermouth, whether you like a dry white wine like the French, a sweet red like the Italians, or a delightful in-between.

Images of two of our cocktail making kit: amaro making kit and vermouth making kit. In the middle if a picture of a tall cocktail glass.

Bitters Making Kit

Bitters are the secret behind the depth and complexity of most iconic cocktails. With our Bitters Making Kit, learn to make your own bitters from three different recipes: orange bitters, chocolate bitters and coffee bitters. Delicious and versatile, these bitters will make mixing your own cocktails an even more delicious and creative experience. Once you’ve learnt aout bitters and how to make them, we encourage you to start making up your own recipes to create bespoke cocktails!

Though bitters can’t be drunk by themselves, cocktails would just not be the same without them!

Tonic Water Making Kit

This kit is for the G&T lovers! Learn how to make your own tonic water from three different recipes for a perfectly bespoke gin & tonic. Take your pick between a traditional citrus-infused tonic, a delightful pink tonic with hints of rose, and a festive spiced tonic. Each of the tonic waters will work nicely with different types of gin, so it’s up to you to find out your favourite combination! As always, once you’ve learnt about how to make your own tonic water, you can create your personalised recipes depending on your favourite type of gin.

Of course the tonic water in the kit can also be drunk by itself or with some ice! It is the perfect kit for a crafty summer party.

Images of two of our cocktail making kit: bitters making kit and tonic water making kit. In the middle is a photo of two short cocktail glasses.

Homebrew Kits

Hedgerow Wine Kit

Our Hedgerow Wine kit will teach you how to make 6 bottles of delicious fruit wine, walking you through each of the different brewing stages with easy to follow instructions. With more than 50 different fruit recipes to choose from, you’ll be sure to find something you enjoy. You can also email us with any fruit that is not on there, and we’ll create a recipe for you!

Although this kit does not contain some of the equipment you’ll need, it does tell you exactly what to look for and where. 

Image of our natural hedgerow wine making kit. Around it are two photos of wine glasses.

Let’s get creative!

At OurHands, we think creativity is the key to a more fulfilling life. Our DIY kits are our way to help you discover new hobbies and unique ways to express yourself. All kits come with detailed, in-depth instructions, and most of the ingredients and equipment you’ll need.

We’ve worked very hard on these new kits and we hope you enjoy them! We just cannot wait to see what you will do with them.

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