What is Hot Honey? Discover your new favourite condiment!

What is Hot Honey? Discover your new favourite condiment!

You might have seen it on supermarket shelves or on the menu of your favourite brunch place. Deliciously sweet and spicy, hot honey has taken the world by storm. It’s a versatile condiment that can range from mild and fragrant to dangerously hot, making it great for adventurous foodies and those looking to add an extra kick of flavour to their meals. It’s also incredibly easy to make and goes great on almost everything - from grilled cheese to fried chicken. In this article, we’ll be exploring what hot honey is, the different types of flavours you can get, and a list of easy hot honey recipes. 

What is hot honey?

Hot honey, quite simply, is honey that has been infused with chillies. The result is a delicious condiment that’s equal part sweet and spicy, with savoury notes and even sometimes a hint of smokiness! Its complicated flavour profile, as well as the fact that it can be made using different chillies, makes it a very versatile ingredient that can be used to elevate many dishes. 

A photo of hot honey surrounded by a photo of chillies and some honey.

Different types of honey can be used as a base for hot honey, with options ranging from light and floral honey to darker honey. 

Though the type of honey you use has an impact on your hot honey, the chilli peppers are the true stars of the show. With a wide range of peppers to choose from, you can add the level of heat and the flavours that you want. Whether it’s mild jalapeño, smoky habanero or the intensely hot California Reaper, the aromas of the chillies will infuse into the sweetness of the honey for a complex and delicious result. 

Flavour Profiles of Hot Honey

The flavour of hot honey can vary greatly depending on the type of chillies used. Smoky, spicy, earthy, there are countless ways to make hot honey so it perfectly matches the dish you want to use it with. Here are some popular variations of hot honey, ranging from mild and aromatic to incredibly spicy!

Jalapeño Hot Honey has quite a mild heat, with grassy and bright notes. It’s great for people wanting to try hot honey without overwhelming heat. Jalapeño Hot Honey is delicious on pizza for a sweet and spicy kick or drizzled on some goat’s cheese on a cheese board. 

Chipotle Hot Honey adds medium heat, as well as a smoky and earthy depth to your dishes. It’s a good step up from milder hot honeys, while still giving a nice spicy kick. Chipotle Hot Honey is delicious drizzled on roasted veggies to enhance their sweetness and add some smokiness. 

Habanero Hot Honey brings the heat up a notch and adds fresh notes of fruit and citrus. It’s ideal for anyone who appreciates a good balance of sweetness and intense heat. Habanero Hot Honey goes incredibly well on fried chicken for a citrusy, spicy touch. It’s also amazing on roasted butternut squash. 

Facing Heaven Hot Honey offers medium to high heat with fruity and slightly floral notes. Though Facing Heaven chillies aren’t the spiciest chillies out there, they are pretty hot! You can use Facing Heaven Hot Honey in a marinade to create delicious Asian-inspired dishes such as stir-fries and glazed tofu. 

Bird’s Eye Hot Honey provides a sharp and intense heat, highlighted by fruity and peppery flavours. This hot honey is great for people who crave a fiery kick. You can add a few drops of Bird’s Eye Hot Honey to a Thai green curry for extra heat or sweetness, or you can drizzle it over grilled fruit for a spicy dessert. 

Carolina Reaper Hot Honey is made with Carolina Reaper, which is one of the hottest chillies in the world. It’s intensely hot with fruity undertones, making it great for spice lovers who enjoy a challenge! You can use Carolina Reaper Hot Honey sparingly in marinade for ribs, or add a small amount to sauces and salsa.

6 delicious ways to enjoy hot honey

The beauty of hot honey lies in its versatility. Spicy, sweet, with hints of fruit or smokiness, different hot honeys will add different notes to your dishes - though you can’t really go wrong with hot honey! It can be used as a glaze or a marinade or simply drizzled over a finished dish for an extra kick of flavour. Here is a list of easy things that go well with hot honey. Whether you’re looking for an exciting new meal, or hosting a dinner party, you’re guaranteed to find something that’ll impress!


Pizza and hot honey is one of the most delightful pairings out there. Pick a pizza with no spice, and see how hot honey reveals an exciting new layer of flavours. Though it is absolutely lovely on pepperoni pizza, we’d recommend trying it on a four-cheese pizza! The spice and sweetness of the hot honey do wonders to uncover subtle, interesting notes in the cheese.

Fried Chicken

Similar to a sweet and sour sauce or a comforting barbecue sauce, hot honey does wonders to enhance the taste of chicken. You can serve it with a side of salad with blue cheese dressing to balance out the spiciness of the chicken. 

Charcuterie & Cheese Boards

Hot honey pairs beautifully with strong cheeses like brie, goat cheese, and aged cheddar. It’s also delicious drizzled on charcuterie such as prosciutto or hard salami. Serve with nuts and bread to make decadent open-faced sandwiches. 

Avocado Toast

Possibly my favourite Sunday breakfast! Earthy, sweet, spicy and creamy, it feels both luxurious and healthy. 

Roasted Vegetables

Hot honey adds a caramelised sweetness and a hint of heat to roasted vegetables like carrots, Brussels sprouts, and sweet potatoes. Toss the vegetables in hot honey before roasting or drizzle it on after for a delicious finish.

Mixed into cocktails

For a surprising last item, did you know that you can add a spicy-sweet twist to your cocktails by mixing hot honey into margaritas for example? It adds depth and a unique kick that pairs well with citrus and smoky spirits.


Sweet and spicy food has been a staple of many cuisines for hundreds of years, from sweet and spicy Mexican salsa to Korean gochujang. It’s an easy way to add depth to an otherwise unremarkable dish. With its perfect blend of rich honey and spicy chillies, hot honey is a fantastic way to spruce up your cuisine. Whether you prefer the mild warmth of jalapeños or the intense heat of ghost peppers, there's a hot honey variation to suit every palate! Experiment with different types and find your favourite ways to enjoy this sweet and spicy delight. With our Hot Honey Making Kit, you can even make your own hot honey to perfectly match your taste preferences. Enjoy the adventure of hot honey and elevate your meals with its unique and delicious flavour!

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