about us

We started OurHands because we believe that everyone should experience the satisfaction of creating something beautiful and useful with their own hands. We want our kits to be a mindful crafting experience, with each stitch and brush stroke carefully considered and comforting.

We also think that quality products should not come at the expense of the environment. By avoiding unnecessary packaging where possible and providing you with reusable tools and techniques, we aim to do our part for the planet. 

For those reasons, we personally design and test each kit in our London studio to ensure that they respect our three core values: mindfulness, sustainability, and artisanship. We hope that our lovingly-crafted kits will bring you joy and that you will join our growing community.

Scott & Justine

  • Photo of Scott, co-founder of OurHands.



    I am a born and bred Londoner and am obsessed with all things crafty. My background is in product development and my designs have been featured in Vogue, BBC Good Food and Marie Claire.

  • Photo of Justine, co-founder of OurHands.



    Born and raised in France, I moved to London in 2020 to be closer to my true loves: art and music. If you read something on this website or in our products, I probably wrote it!

  • Douban

    Chief Good Boy Officer

    Havanese extraordinaire and everything enthusiast, I am in charge of office morale as well as head of the party-planning committee.

  • Sustainability

    As a Pending B Corp, we are committed to ensuring our company does good for society and the environment. All of our kits are designed with the “reduce, reuse, recycle” philosophy in mind.

  • Mindfulness

    We believe in a meditative practice of crafting, achieved by working with your hands and appreciating each individual stitch or brush stroke. We hope that using our kits in this way can provide a unique break from the stress of everyday life.

  • Artisanship

    We want our kits to be more than projects to be bought and completed. By providing you with reusable tools and techniques, we hope to give you the confidence to start your very own crafting journey.