We're Finalists! OurHands up for Consumer Products StartUp Award

We're Finalists! OurHands up for Consumer Products StartUp Award

We are thrilled to announce that OurHands is a finalist for the London Consumer Products StartUp Award! This nomination is both incredibly encouraging and extremely humbling, and we would like to thank the StartUp Award committee for this opportunity. Not only does this nomination feel like an acknowledgement of our hard work, but it also feels like it highlights the growing importance of mindfulness and creativity in today’s fast-paced world. 

At OurHands, we believe in the power of using mindful crafting to slow down, express ourselves, and bring more positivity into our lives. We want to give people the tools and techniques to get started on their own projects, but most importantly we want to foster self-confidence and self-reliance in each person who buys one of our kits. By giving you detailed, step-by-step instructions and easy methods for creating and repairing, we’re hoping to help build a world in which people are more in tune with their own creativity and more mindful of the planet.

From the start, our three core values have remained unchanged: sustainability, mindfulness, and artisanship. From our Waste-Less Candle Making kit to our Tea Blending Kit, each of our products was designed and created to help you create what you want, rather than buying it. We are incredibly grateful to the StartUp Awards team for understanding our philosophy, as well as to everyone who has ever bought a kit for making our vision come true a little more each day. 

We will be keeping our fingers crossed until the 8th of May, at which point the judges will announce the winners from each category for each region. Each winner will get the prestigious title of regional champion and will advance in the competition to become the national winning start-up. 

Once again, we’d like to extend our thanks to the StartUp Awards team for this nomination. As a very small company of only two people, it’s extremely gratifying to see our hard work being recognised by such an amazing organisation. We’d also like to thank everyone reading this blog post for celebrating this milestone with us. It means a lot to us. 

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