Tea Blending Kit Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my tea stronger?

Grinding the tea and botanicals before steeping them will release more of their essential oils, resulting in a stronger taste. Do keep in mind that this will make the tea more difficult to strain.

My tea tastes funny/looks blurry!

Good water quality is an essential part of a delicious cup of tea. Hard water might make your tea taste funny, and scale residue in the kettle can make your tea look blurry or flaky. You can try using filtered water to get the most our of your blend's flavours.

Can I make cold-brew tea with this kit?

There is nothing like cold brew tea on a hot summer day! To make cold brew tea, use one of the recipes in the kit and leave the ingredients to steep into cold water in the fridge overnight. When infusing this way, we would recommend doubling.