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The Workshop

In our bookbinding workshop, participants will craft their own bespoke soft-cover notebook. They can choose between a simple pamphlet notebook with a 5-point stitch or a Japanese-style bound notebook. The style selection can be made beforehand or decided upon by the participants during the workshop. Please note that we currently do not offer workshops for hard-cover notebooks.

We provide a variety of cover papers, thread colours, and stitch types, allowing participants to personalise their notebooks to their liking. Both the cover and inside papers can be printed to suit your preferences. Each participant will leave the workshop with their handmade notebook.

Workshop Plan

  • Setup: We’ll arrive early to set up and walk you through the workshop setup.
  • Personalisation: Participants will choose their preferred paper types and cover designs to personalise their notebooks.
  • Instruction: As participants arrive, we’ll guide them through each step of making their notebooks, demonstrating proper folding and stitching techniques.
  • Support: While teaching as a group, we’ll provide individual guidance and advice as needed.
  • Completion: At the end of the workshop, participants will depart with their handmade notebooks. We’ll stay behind to tidy up and debrief with you.

Who Is the Workshop For?

This workshop is ideal for anyone interested in learning the basics of soft-cover bookbinding. It serves as an excellent introduction for beginners looking to explore bookbinding before moving on to more complex projects. It’s also perfect for those seeking a unique and enjoyable activity. No prior knowledge is required, and participants don’t need to bring anything.

Provided Tools and Materials

We supply everything needed for the workshop:

  • Inside and cover papers
  • Thread and needle
  • Bone folder and awls
  • Rulers and pencils
  • Step-by-step guidance and support


We require a space with ample tables and chairs for all participants.

Book your workshop

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We can’t wait to create something special with you!

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