Hedgerow Wine Kit Frequently Asked Questions

What suppliers would you recommend for equipment?

Where possible we would recommend trying to obtain used equipment, which can both save you money and help the environment. If you would prefer to purchase new equipment, you can either look on Amazon or at any of the suppliers below.


Can I use frozen fruit with this kit?

Frozen fuit can be used to make hedgerow wine, just make sure it is fully defrosted to room temperature.

Can I combine multiple recipes?

Yes! Just scale the ingredients according to the desired proportions of fruit.

How can I make my wine less sweet?

If you've made a first batch of wine that is too sweet then it's possible to tweak the brewing conditions for the second batch in order to reduce the sweetness of the finished product. There are a couple of ways you can do it.

If you're happy with the alcohol level, and it seems quite strong, then it's possible that the high alcohol level inhibited the action of the yeast before the sugar had been used up. Yeast can only tolerate alcohol levels up to around 10–15%. In that case we would recommend reducing the sugar quantity in the next batch by around 250g.

If your wine is sweet but not that alcoholic, then it's possible that your fermentation wasn't as active as it should have been. Consider using the same recipe but moving the fermentation container to a warmer location, or mix the yeast with some warm water and sugar to create a 'yeast starter' before adding it in.