Bath Brew Kit Frequently Asked Questions

How to do a patch test?

We recommend doing a patch test with any ingredients you might not have used before. Simply mix the relevant botanicals or salts with some water and apply in the crook of your elbow. You can put a plaster over the mixture to make sure it stays in place. Avoid getting the area wet and pay attention to any redness or itching for 24 hours. 

Can I make up my own blends?

Of course! While we recommended getting started with the botanicals present in this kit, a lot of flowers and herbs have properties that will take your bath to the next level. Just be careful to always patch-test for any possible allergies.

Can I make the infusions stronger?

The infusions in the kit are designed to be subtle and relaxing. If you would like a stronger brew, do not hesitate to double the amount of botanicals. The salts and oats quantities should remain the same.

Can I put the ingredients directly into the tub?

We recommend using the tea bags to get the most out of the botanicals and make cleaning easier, but there is no danger of putting the ingredients straight into the tub.