Amaro Making Kit Frequently Asked questions

What is amaro?

Amaro, meaning "bitter" in Italian, is a traditionally home-infused Italian liqueur often used as a digestive. It can vary from sweet to bitter and is typically drunk neat after a meal.

My amaro is too bitter!

If your amaro is too bitter, we recommend splitting the infusion process into two stages. For the first week, infuse all the botanicals apart from the bitter ones (gentian root and cinchona bark). Add the bitter botanicals in for the second week and remove them once you reach the desired of bitterness.
Adding some sugar to your amaro once it's infused will also decrease the bitterness!

How can I make more signature spice blend?

Our signature spice blend is our secret recipe, however if you want to make something similar we would recommend starting with crushed cinnamon, cloves, orange peel, lemon peel and a little nutmeg. We would really recommend experimenting with different ingredients in your amaros, and don't be afraid to try new or unexpected ingredients!