5 good reasons to switch to solid perfume

5 good reasons to switch to solid perfume

You may have seen them around in shops like Lush, Glossier or even Givenchy. You might have spotted their colourful packaging in the pockets of celebrities and influencers, or caught a whiff of their delicate fragrance. What is this new trend sweeping up the world of cosmetics?

We're of course talking about solid perfume! 

If you haven't tried it for yourself yet, allow us to convince you. With big-name brands like Diptyque or Chanel releasing solid versions of their best-known scents every day, now is the best time to hop on the trend! Or, if you would rather create your own solid signature scent, why not try our Solid Perfume Kit?

Three photos. The first is beeswax, the second is tins of solid perfume, the third is a bowl of lavender used for essential oils.

What is solid perfume anyway?

Solid perfumes have existed for centuries. Ancient Egyptians were already making them by using a mix of beeswax and fragrant oils. Rumour has it, they were a favourite of Cleopatra herself.

The recipe, simple and effective, has not changed much since those days. Mix some wax and oils, and you're already most of the way there. You can apply the resulting balm to your pulse points, just like regular perfume. 

Why you should make the switch to solid perfume

Solid perfume can be better for sensitive skin

Solid perfume is generally kinder to the skin than its liquid counterpart. 

While alcohol-free versions of liquid perfumes do exist, they are few and far between. Alcohol can be incredibly drying for sensitive skin, resulting in rashes and dullness. Solid perfumes are always alcohol-free. Their foundation is usually made of a mix of wax and oil, meaning solid perfumes have some moisturising benefits. 

Solid perfumes also tend to be made with natural ingredients. Beeswax is generally used as a base, but we make sure to use candelilla wax in our kit so that it is vegan-friendly. For the carrier oil, the most popular choices are either jojoba or grapeseed oil. They are both known for their moisturising and protective properties. As their name states, they help carry the scent of the perfume to make it stronger and longer-lasting!

Last but not least, solid perfumes get their fragrances from natural essential oils. While some essential oils can pose problems, we've made sure to pick ones that were as kind to skin as possible. 

The application method is also more adapted to sensitive skin. Rather than a spray covering a large area, solid perfumes can be applied accurately to a smaller space. This limits the risks of developing a bad reaction.

Three photos depicting how solid perfume is good for sensitive skin. The first is two hands holding each other, the second is aloe vera being poured, the third is grapeseed oil.

Solid perfume is better for the environment

As environmental concerns grow stronger every day, many of us are trying to reduce our carbon footprint. One of the easiest ways to do this is by having a good look at what we consume, and trying to cut back on waste. Think of a traditional perfume bottle. Though more and more brands are experimenting with refillable fragrances, most liquid perfumes are currently single-use. Between the glass body, the cap and the atomiser, there are quite a few elements that need to be thrown away once the bottle is finished!

Solid perfumes, which tend to be packaged in simple metal tins, are often recyclable and refillable! Their wax-based format makes them easy to use all the way to the end without losing any product. Once they're empty, the tins can be used as storage or refilled with more solid perfume.

Three images depicting how solid perfume is better for the environment. The first is a person with leaves over their head, the second is a recyclable and refillable tin of solid perfume, the third is a green forest.

Solid perfume is easy to make

The recipe for solid perfume is simple and easy to tailor to your taste. If perfumery can seem complicated at first (though we have the perfect kit to make it more accessible), solid perfume is a great stepping stone to getting started. 

Conveniently, our Solid Perfume Kit has all the ingredients and accessories you need to get started. It will allow you to make your base,  blend up to three essential oils blends to create your own signature scent, store it into a cute refillable tin and name it with one of the included stickers.

Once you've learnt the basics, you can experiment with scents and formats to make the perfect scent for you - or your loved ones. A personalised perfume is a fantastic gift to receive!

Three images depicting how solid perfume is easy to make. The first is a photo of natural essential oils, the second is a picture of our solid perfume making kit, the third is a tin of solid perfume.

Solid perfume is an act of self-love

Ever since the pandemic, the self-care movement has been all about individuals. Rather than performing for others, we've rediscovered the importance of doing things for ourselves. Solid perfumes are an essential part of a self-care routine. Because they don't always smell as strong as traditional perfumes, they can be worn as a reminder of self-love. In the morning or right before bed, a dab of solid perfume inside the wrists will surround you in a cloud of delicate fragrance meant just for you.

Solid perfumes are also easy to carry and can be discreetly used for an on-the-go confidence boost before a job interview or a date. You can wear it for yourself or build it up so it leaves an unforgettable trail wherever you go.

Three images depicting how solid perfume is a soothing act of self care. The first is a bundle of calming lavender, the second shows a woman scooping up some products, the third is a lit candle on a peaceful background.

Solid perfume is great for aromatherapy

Have you ever smelled something that unlocked a memory buried deep within your brain? That's because scents are able to go straight to the centre of our brain, where emotions and memories are kept. 

Aromatherapy is the art of using the smells naturally present in essential oils to affect the mind. It has been used for centuries to relieve stress or increase energy levels. Lavender essential oil, for example, is often used in candles or pillow sprays to help with sleep. Oils extracted for citruses, on the other hand, are a fantastic mood booster and will put a smile on your face in no time! 

Each essential oil has its own properties and will help in different scenarios. Not to mention they smell divine! Aromatherapy is typically achieved by putting essential oils into a diffuser or applying the oils directly to the skin. By blending your essential oils of choice into a perfume, you get to carry your personalised aromatherapy station with you wherever you go!

The perfume application can be mild or it can be built up according to the desired result. As an added bonus, diluting the essential oils in a solid perfume base will make them safer to use on the skin.

Three pictures depicting how solid perfume is good for aromatherapy. They show different ways to traditionally use aromatherapy, like incense or a diffuser.

Is solid perfume right for you?

There is a solid perfume from everyone. Fun, sustainable, and customisable, it is as easy on the skin as it is easy to make yourself. Its small size and solid format make it an ideal travel companion. Say goodbye to perfume spills in your suitcase! Its lack of alcohol also means you can wear it in the summer without fearing a nasty reaction. 

And if you don't feel ready to say goodbye to your liquid perfume, that's okay too! I personally love using solid perfume as a base to make my liquid perfume last longer.

Three images of solid perfumes surrounded by petals and flowers to conclude the blog post.

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