The best Mother’s Day present bundles for creative mums

The best Mother’s Day present bundles for creative mums

Mother’s Day is the time to celebrate the mother figures in your life! We’ve compiled a few gift ideas from our own collection, paired with some complementary products that work well as a bundle. Whether you are teaming up on presents with your siblings or by yourself on a tight budget, you are sure to find something that will show your mum how much you care.

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Get her a bouquet of forever flowers

If your mum loves greenery, put a sustainable twist on the traditional Mother’s Day bouquet with our Flower and Foliage Preserving Kit!

The kit comes with all the equipment and information she’ll need to start preserving her own foliage and woody-stemmed flowers. The kit also comes with a ribbon and a floral foam disc to create bouquets and statement centrepieces. 

Pair this gift with a bouquet of fresh eucalyptus and an assortment of dried flowers so that she can create a bespoke bouquet that will last for years. 

The kit can make multiple batches, so she’ll be able to create perfect bouquets for every room in the house by mixing and matching preserved foliage and dried flowers. Minimalist greenery for the living room, muted white and beige for the bedroom, a pop of colour in the kitchen… The possibilities are endless!

This is a great gift for home decor fanatics, plants enthusiasts and amateur gardeners waiting out the winter. As a bonus, she’ll think of you any time she sees the bouquets!

OurHands Flower and Foliage Preserving Kit surrounded by a bouquet of fresh eucalyptus stems and some elegant dried flowers.

Gift her some self-care time

Everyone deserves a little self-care! Spring is just around the corner, but we still have a few months of dull, cold weather to get through.

A bath is one of the most relaxing things you can do. Unfortunately, some bath products like bath bombs or bubble baths can be quite irritating to the skin and harmful for the environment. Our Bath Brew kit will let your mum blend her own relaxing bath tea from rejuvenating minerals and natural ingredients such as flowers and herbs. Whether she wants something to soothe her muscles or to melt away her worries, one of our four different recipes is sure to help her relax! The kit comes with 8 sachets of naturally relaxing ingredients, a reusable cotton bag, and an illustrated instruction booklet complete with four recipes detailing how to get the most out of your bath. You can find some more recipes in our journal.

If you want to make this moment of self-care extra special, you can add a calming candle made from essential oils and natural botanicals. This De-stress tea from Mariage Frères will also work deliciously with the kit to relax the body and the mind.

This gift is perfect for busy mums in need of a break, people who know the importance of self-care, and bath-time lovers with sensitive skin.

OurHands Bath Brew Kit surrounded by a vegan candle and a relaxing tea.

Nurture her artistic side

Reverse the roles and be the one encouraging your mum to follow her creative dreams!

Our Bookbinding Kit has everything she'll need to learn how to make three different types of notebooks, including reusable tools and illustrated step-by-step instructions. It’s a great new hobby to get some creative energy flowing! 

Pair it with some sketching pencils and some fineliner pens that she can use to sketch and write. Handmade notebooks are a very useful tool when learning to draw or working on your writing skill, as they are easy to make and endlessly customisable.

Whether she’s been looking for a new pastime or has always been interested in art, bookbinding is a great hobby to get into. Our Bookbinding Kit is an easy entry point, teaching you to make three different types of notebooks ranging from easy to intermediate. From there, many different techniques and materials can be used to create the perfect personalised book!

It is a fantastic gift for people who like learning, want to get more creative, or never seem to be able to find the right notebook.

OurHands Bookbinding Kit surrounded by some artist's pencils and fineliners.

Make her feel like a star

Nothing can make you feel as confident as the right perfume can. With just one spray of your signature scent, you can transform into exactly who you want to be. 

Our Perfume Blending Kit contains Perfumer’s Alcohol as well as five different fragrance oils blends that can be mixed and matched to create a bespoke perfume. It comes with detailed instructions on how perfume is made, a few recipe examples in case you need some inspiration to get started, and a chic reusable atomiser glass bottle to store your custom-made perfumes. 

Easy, fun, and with sophisticated results, it is the perfect first step into the world of perfumery. 

For a truly special mothers day bundle why not pair it with a delicate silk scarf onto which she can spay some of her signature scent or a tiger ring holder that would look beautiful next to her bespoke perfume on her dressing table.

This is a great gift for mums who take pride in their appearance, enjoy luxury results, or want to learn more about perfumes. 

OurHands Perfume Blending Kit surrounded by a ceramic ring holder and an elegant scarf.


We hope this list has been helpful and that you are one step closer to finding the perfect gift to show your mum how much she means to you!

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