Introducing the OurHands mindful crafting playlists

Introducing the OurHands mindful crafting playlists

Are you listening to music right now? I know I am!

Most of us listen to music every day, either actively or in the background. While cooking, showering, or commuting, bopping along to our favourite tunes is a massive help in getting through the day. With an infinity of genres and artists to choose from, you can always be sure to find the right track to fit your activities and enhance your mood. 

Music can also be a great companion to creativity. I'm not only talking about playing an instrument! A good playlist can take your artistic practice to the next level. 

Benefits of listening to music while creating

Quiet self-doubt

You're probably familiar with the little voice that lives in all of our heads. It is the one that keeps track of our mistakes and tries to convince us to give up at every turn. Creativity is its favourite playground! Because it is so vulnerable and so tricky to get right, we let ourselves be overwhelmed by doubt and self-criticism.

The right kind of music will tune that little voice out and leave you free to experiment with your artistic practice. It is worth repeating: the goal of art isn't to produce something perfect, it is to produce something that is ours. The more you create, the easier it will get and the prouder you will be of what you can achieve! The first step towards trying something new is always the hardest, and music provides the exact kind of armour we need to get started.

Get in the zone

If you've ever been to a live music event, you will know the kind of trance you can get into once your body syncs up with the rhythm of the song. 

The right type of music has a way of tapping directly into our brains to get us into an almost meditative state. Relaxed and focused, nothing seems quite as difficult anymore. It often ends up creating better results too, as being so engaged in a task keeps us from getting distracted by things happening around us.

When designing the Sashiko Repair Kit, for example, I'd often start sewing while listening to a playlist only to realise that two hours had passed in the blink of an eye. Some of my very favourite projects were created during those sessions! 

Get inspired

Listening to music is also a great way to find inspiration for your next project. At the end of the day, art is simply a way to express yourself. Music is no exception! Choosing the right album or playlist might make you see things through the musician's eyes, sparking new ideas for you to use. You could relate to a specific lyric or image and want to start creating your own piece around the same themes.

Even instrumental music is powerful enough to make us feel things. Think of your favourite films. Those emotional beats would just not be the same without their soundtrack!

Inspiration comes from all around us, and music is a powerful tool to access our creativity. 

OurHands Playlists

With that in mind, we've created a few playlists for you to listen to while using our kits! Most of them aim to be quite relaxing and to help you get into the right state of mind to fully enjoy your experience. Head to our Spotify profile or listen to the playlists below.

Bath Brew Kit

 We've picked a few of our favourite relaxing songs for you to listen to while taking your bath. Working hand in hand with the minerals and botanicals in the kit, this playlist will help soothe your mind and your body with its folky tunes.

Sashiko Repair Kit

These Japanese tracks will inspire your sashiko designs! With soft pianos and movie soundtracks, let yourself fall deeper into meditation with each stitch. 

Watercolours Making Kit

Get inspired to make and use your watercolour paints with this artistic playlist.

Perfume Making Kits

Fun and meditative, this playlist will get you into the right set of mind to create your bespoke perfume.

Flowers and Foliage Preserving Kit

Inspired by Mort Garson's Plantasia, this instrumental playlist is perfect for taking care of plants.

Bookbinding Kit

Get in the mood for writing with these calm songs that will take you from creating to filling your notebooks. Some of these songs are about writing, and some are just there to be soothing.

We hope you enjoy these playlists. Let us know if you'd like to see any songs added. 

Happy crafting!



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