They're finally here!

We have some exciting news! 

As you might have seen on the website, we have been preparing to launch three new products. We’ve spent months of hard work trying to make them the best products possible, and we believe they are ready. 

Without further ado, let's have a look at our new kits!

Perfume Blending Kit

Have you ever wanted to create your own signature scent?

Our brand new Perfume Blending Kit will help you take your first steps through the art of perfumery. The instruction booklet includes detailed instructions on how to make your own perfume as well as blending tips and recipes to inspire your own blends.

We’ve included five blends of fragrance oils that are delightful by themselves or blended together for a unique scent. These sophisticated scents have been specifically curated to bring you a luxurious, professional result.

  • Esprit d’Amalfi is a one-way trip to the coast with its Amalfi citrus, sea salt and jasmine.
  • Fleur d’Amandier will take you back to summertime in a cloud of almond blossom and grapefruit.
  • Rose Iconique sings of depth and maturity. The youthful lemon and mint notes play beautifully with the Bulgarian rose and spice musk of this blend.
  • Ambre Vanille is the perfect foundation for any perfume. The mysterious aura of the cedarwood and patchouli will highlight any fragrance you blend it with. 
  • Oud Eternel tells a tale of Moroccan heat with subjugating oud, white musk and orange blossom.

The kit is perfect for beginners and contains everything you need to get started, with Perfumer’s Alcohol and a chic, reusable glass atomiser bottle to store your perfume.

Are you new to the art of making your own perfume? Our detailed instructions will walk you through the fragrance making process step by step. We’ve also included our favourite blend recipes for you to practise on.

Three images from our Perfume Blending Kit. The first is a glass atomiser bottle with perfumer's alcohol and a drop of fragrance oil. The second is the kit box. The third is the glass bottle surrounded with rose petals and plants.

Solid Perfume Kit

If you’ve always wanted to create your perfume but can’t find anything suitable for your sensitive skin, we’ve also got something for you!

With our Solid Perfume Kit, learn to make your own solid perfume with vegan-friendly, kind-to-skin ingredients.

Unlike many health & beauty brands, we pride ourselves on our transparency when it comes to ingredients. Our Solid Perfume Kit will let you make your fragrance base with cocoa butter, candelilla wax and softening oil. 

The three different scents we offer come from natural essential oils and will work beautifully on their own as well as mixed together.

  • Epice Fumée is strong and spicy with notes of cedarwood and patchouli. Hints of jasmine and vanilla come in to mellow out the fragrance and give it a whisper of sweetness.
  • Bergamote Sicilienne is a delightful reminder of Italian summer. It has citrusy notes of bergamot and orange and the comforting earthiness of cypress.
  • Rose Gourmande is for lovers of floral blends. It smells just like a walk in an English Garden when the roses and geraniums open back up after the rain.

This alcohol-free perfume kit will make a sustainable solid fragrance for you to enjoy. We have included a reusable aluminium tin for you to store your solid perfume so the kit is as sustainable as it is good for you!

This is the perfect perfume kit for people who want to wear fragrances for themselves as part of their self-care routine. It is a refined and discreet smell, not overwhelming in any way.

Three images from our Solid Perfume kit. The first shows the candelilla wax, stirrers and finished product. The second is the kit box. The third shows rose petals surrounding the tins and cocoa butter drops.

Flowers and Foliage Preserving Kit

Have you ever found that perfect bouquet of flowers, only for them to wither and die within the week? Meet our very first Garden and Floristry kit!

Our Flowers and Foliage Preserving kit will teach you how to preserve your flowers with a blend of glycerine and preserving agents. Glycerine preservation is one of the best-known methods of plant conservation. It will keep your greenery from withering for up to a year! 

Preserving flowers and foliage with glycerine works by replacing the water inside the flower with glycerine. This keeps the plant from drying out, keeping it soft and fresh-looking. The process often turns the plants beautiful shades of brown, from soft café au lait to deep mahogany in some cases. We include a sachet of green floral dye in the kit in case you want to give your bouquet an extra vibrant kick!

This is the perfect kit for anyone who loves contemporary interior design, gardening or floristry. The kit comes with a floral foam disc and a satin ribbon so you can turn your preserved flowers into wonderful table centrepieces and bouquets to gift. 

As always, detailed instructions will accompany you every step of the way. We’ve included enough preserving materials to make multiple batches so you can get all the practice you need to succeed!

The Flowers and Foliage Preserving Kit works best on foliage and flowers with woody stems. It does not work on luscious flowers with large heads. An illustrated chart in the instruction lists the plants the kit will preserve well. It is the perfect kit for a Japandi home decor interior, with minimalist bouquets of greenery.

Three images from our Flowers and Foliage Preserving Kit. The first is a close up of preserved eucalyptus. The second is the kit box. The third shows a white vase with a preserved a dry bouquet in it, placed on a wooden table.

What’s next for OurHands?

Ever since starting the brand in June and launching our first line in September, we have been truly humbled by the reception of our products. It has been an extraordinary thing to see people enjoying the kits we’ve worked so hard on. 

We are very proud of the new kits we are about to launch, and we truly hope you like them. It has always been our goal to make the type of products that we would like to use ourselves, and we think we’ve succeeded. It has been so much fun testing out recipes and designing the kits, and we believe it shows! We can’t wait for this new range to be in your hands.

As for our plans for the next few months, the end-of-year period is always a busy one, so we will be focusing on that for the foreseeable future. We can’t talk about it just yet but rest assured that we’ve got some really exciting plans for next year! 

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